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Oct 15, 2021
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I have an electric, slide-in range, GE model JSP42DN2WW, that continually shows a hot surface light on, although the surface is not actually hot. After going to YouTube, I can see that the problem most likely lies in one of the burner's limiters being stuck. The YouTube video is a good one, clearly showing how to check each burner with a multimeter and then how to correctly install a new limiter. That parts appears to be beyond easy. However, the hard part is not the actual repair, but rather just [I]getting to the burners[/I], as I cannot figure out how to lift the top off that range in order to gain access to the burners. It is a glass top, so I am a little gun shy about handling it, for fear of cracking the glass. The guys who installed the range already crack a small corner of it, when putting the stove in; however, it was only a small crack, so we just let it go and it has been fine for these past six years, no problem. I have searched further on YouTube for a good description of just how to remove that top, but, so far, have only found explanations of removing other brands and models, most of them older, hence my coming to this forum. Is there anyone who would be so kind as to explain how to remove the top of this range? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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